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Trends in Image Management and Dissemination

Read how the ArcGIS Platform makes massive volumes of imagery accessible for a variety of applications.

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Note: ArcGIS Image Server is now ArcGIS Image Extension for Server, an extension for ArcGIS for Server. Papers and brochures written before the June 2008 name change reference capabilities now available in ArcGIS Image Extension for Server.

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GIS Best Practices for Imagery


White Papers

Lidar Analysis in ArcGIS 10 for Forestry Applications
This white paper describes how to use ArcGIS to analyze lidar data to assess forest health and biomass, classify terrain, identify drainage patters, and plan forest management.

Improving Access and Use of Imagery Using Open and Interoperable Off-the-Shelf Technologies
This white paper was presented at the 2009 International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE) and highlights Esri's open and interoperable ArcGIS products.

Understanding and Implementing ArcGIS Image Server
This white paper explains the importance of imagery and how to implement ArcGIS Image Server—a complete enterprise imaging solution that meets all image management, processing, and distribution needs.

Visualizing an Enterprise Approach to Imagery: Managing, Analyzing, and Serving Imagery in ArcGIS 9.3


Imagery is Core to ArcGIS
ArcNews, Fall 2010

Why Use Imagery or Raster Data?
ArcNews, Fall 2010

Imagery is Core to ArcGIS
Pull-Out Poster, ArcNews, Fall 2010

The Whole World in Your Hands
Putting Fast, Dynamic Image Dissemination and Analysis into the Hands of GIS Analysts
Imaging Notes, Fall 2009

Imagery: A Core Component of GIS
ArcNews, Fall 2009


Imagery for Disaster Response and Mitigation
David Blankenship, Senior GIS Analyst, City of Colorado Springs Fire Department, discusses how his agency uses imagery and GIS to tackle the city's emergencies.

GIS and Imagery at Geoscience Australia
Greg Scott, group leader, Geospatial & Earth Monitoring Division, Geoscience Australia, discusses the integration of imagery in topographic mapping at Australia's national mapping organization.

The Imagery Acquisition Program at Los Angeles County
Nick Franchino, GIS manager for the Department of Regional Planning in Los Angeles County, talks about how remotely sensed data married with GIS brings departments together.

GIS and Imagery Seamlessly Converge in ENVI EX
Richard Cook, President of ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS), discusses the complementary technologies of remote sensing and GIS and how they seamlessly perform together in ENVI EX.

The Coming of Age of Remote Sensing
Kass Green, past President of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), explains how digital imagery technology and the growth of hardware capacity have made the full integration of GIS and imagery a reality.

ENVI for ArcGIS Server
In this ESRI Speaker Series podcast, Richard Cooke, President of ITT VIS, talks about GIS and imagery, working with imagery in a geospatial context, and the integration of ENVI and ArcGIS.
Published: June 27, 2010

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