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What major releases can we expect from Esri in 2014?

ArcGIS for Desktop

What is ArcGIS Pro?
Will ArcGIS Pro replace ArcGIS for Desktop (ArcMap)?
Will I be able to use ArcGIS Pro with earlier versions of ArcGIS for Desktop?
Can I migrate documents from ArcMap into ArcGIS Pro?
Can I get ArcGIS Pro if I don't have a license for ArcGIS for Desktop?
Will ArcGIS Pro have multiple license levels (i.e., Basic, Standard, and Advanced)?
Can I use my licensed ArcGIS for Desktop extensions with ArcGIS Pro?
Can I use ArcGIS Pro on my smartphone or tablet?
Can ArcGIS Pro publish to ArcGIS for Server?
What are the system requirements for ArcGIS Pro?
Will ArcGIS for Desktop be supported natively on a Mac?
Will ArcGIS for Desktop support 64-bit software?

ArcGIS for Server

I heard that Portal for ArcGIS will be included with ArcGIS for Server; is that true?
Do I have to keep my ArcGIS for Server license current on maintenance to qualify for and keep the Portal for ArcGIS entitlement?
What enhancements are planned for ArcGIS for Server?
What enhancements are planned for Portal for ArcGIS?
What enhancements are planned for the ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server?

ArcGIS Online

What is new in ArcGIS Online?


Explorer for ArcGIS

When will the Explorer for ArcGIS app be released?
How is the Explorer app licensed?
Can Explorer for ArcGIS be used with my own ArcGIS for Server services?
Does Explorer consume ArcGIS Online credits?

Collector for ArcGIS

How can I get and license the Collector app?
Does the Collector app support offline use?
What platforms does the Collector app support?
Can I configure the Collector app to use my own ArcGIS for Server services?
Does the Collector app consume ArcGIS Online credits?

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

How can I get the Operations Dashboard app?
How is the Operations Dashboard app licensed?
What platforms does Operations Dashboard support?
Does the Operations Dashboard app consume ArcGIS Online credits?
Can I configure the Operations Dashboard app against my own ArcGIS for Server services?
Do the Collector and Operations Dashboard apps have to work together, or can they be used independently?

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

What kinds of applications do developers build with the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs?
Can I put my application that I build with the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs into ArcGIS Marketplace?
Do I need to get a license to use the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs?
Do my apps always need an Internet connection to work?
What is the future of ArcObjects and ArcGIS Engine?


What new ArcGIS Solution templates can I expect this year?

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