Census 2010

How Was Census 2010 Data Collection Changed?

In 2010, the Census Bureau changed how it collects decennial census data by eliminating the traditional "long form" and replacing it with "10 Questions in 10 Minutes" that captures key demographic information such as name, gender, age, date of birth, ethnicity, race, and homeownership status.

More detailed socioeconomic information previously collected through the decennial census is now collected through the American Community Survey (ACS).

Esri has made this data available to:

Data variables available for immediate mapping in both standard and non-standard geographies include Total Population, Population by Age, Households by Size, Race and Hispanic Origin, and Housing Units by Occupancy, and more.

census by polygons

Get more value from Census 2010 data by accessing data and run reports for non-standard geographies such as hand-drawn polygons.