Census 2010

Incorporate Census 2010 Data In Your Intelligent Maps

Instantly apply intelligent color-coded mapping capabilities to map Census 2010 data and customize your maps by editing colors, ranges, and the zoom level.

Access the Smart Map Search tool to quickly and easily perform complex analyses to find areas that meet up to five specific customized criteria, enabling you to obtain uniquely customized results that meet your specific analysis requirements.

Choose from two products to get immediate access to Census 2010 data and mapping capabilities now through a free trial:

Business Analyst Online; specifically designed for Private Sector users, including real estate, retail goods and services, banking and financial, and marketing services.

Community Analyst for Public Sector users, including government organizations, non profits, civic organizations and health and human services, public safety, and economic developers.

Data users can purchase Esri's Census 2010 database that includes the PL94-171 file and variables from Summary File 1 (SF-1) individual data files in a variety of formats, including shapefile, file geodatabase, comma delimited, and Microsoft® Excel. Learn more.

Easily perform complex analyses and identify geographic areas down to the block group level that meet specific customized criteria with Esri's unique mapping capabilities.

census by zip code

Instantly map Census 2010 data variables for a variety of geographies, including ZIP Codes.