Discover More about Your Customers

Whether you’re creating a customer retention campaign, finding ways to improve targeting of your promotions, or just trying to better understand your sales territory, Esri Maps for Dynamics CRM gives you the ability to evaluate your customer data within a geographic context. Now you can make more informed decisions - quickly and accurately.

Drill Down into Data with GeoEnrichment

Esri Maps for Dynamics CRM gives you the ability to easily add critical geographic information, such as business data, demographics, and lifestyle characteristics, back in to your customer data. We like to call this capability GeoEnrichment. With these new geographic variables, you can now analyze your data in new ways, ask new questions, and get better answers.

Designed with You in Mind

Esri's Location Analytics technology is designed for the Dynamics CRM user. It doesn't require any specialized knowledge or experience to get started. No coding is necessary. There's no disruption to your current workflows. This means that in just a few seconds you’ll be creating amazing hotspot maps and illuminating infographics and getting more out of your customer data than ever before.

Built for the Enterprise

Esri Maps for Dynamics CRM is built on top of Esri’s ArcGIS platform, a secure, highly reliable and maintainable system that’s optimized for performance, scalability, agility, and productivity. ArcGIS is interoperable across other enterprise platforms and every modern development language. ArcGIS provides the backbone to your location analytics application. You can connect with ArcGIS in cloud, on-premises, or using a hybrid of both.