Industry Examples


See Esri Maps for IBM Cognos used by a risk analyst to quickly quantify the potential impact of an approaching hurricane. A forecasted weather feed is used with customer locations to visualize the storm’s path and anticipate its affect on their Florida-based book of business. (5.48)


An oil company uses Esri Maps for IBM Cognos to uncover inconsistencies in lease product and gain new insight into how the abnormalities can be resolved. The BI department created a map to show a clear visual display of leases and shaded the map based on key business measures. (3:37)

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Public Sector

The New York State Department of Taxation can quickly and easily explore county tax revenue by industrial sector and highlight useful patterns and trends. (2:53)


A major beverage distributer uses Esri Maps for IBM Cognos to display unit sales by zip codes along with all underlying business information. This new perspective allows a manager to quickly gather new insight into the characteristics that determine success and failure for their Las Vegas-based retailers. (3:15)

Product Features

Report Authoring

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos makes it easy for report authors to add maps to their existing reports and dashboards. See how to map-enable your IBM Cognos reports and dashboards with no coding required. (11:23)

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