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Geotrigger Service

Welcome to the future of geofencing! Custom messages without battery drain. What could your mobile app do if it knew where it was?

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Convert an address or other identifier to a coordinate and save the result to your database record.

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Choose ready-to-use basemaps, demographic maps, and imagery. Make your own interactive maps and mashups with built-in data.

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Data Storage

Create custom REST endpoints, store custom rendering rules and metadata, run analysis and create hosted tile sets.

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Find demographic and contextual data for analysis. Get information such as ZIP codes, census blocks, state and local boundaries.

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Spatial Analysis

Locate, predict, calculate, analyze, and model with high-level spatial modeling and analysis tools..

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SDKs and APIs

Get started with SDKs and APIs that let you build mapping apps.
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Read industry specific case studies, test interactive demos, and browser extensive open source tools.

Case Studies

Need inspiration? Want to see how other companies are plugging into the location platform? Spend some time with our case studies.

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Explore interactive demos for visualization and analysis, demographic maps and data, mobile location, routing and directions.

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Browse GitHub

Browse our open source code and get started quickly using the ArcGIS platform. Check out samples, templates, viewers, and solutions built with a variety of languages and APIs.

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Press Coverage

By adopting Esri's SDK, uKnow set up functionality that lets parents or caregivers have their phones automatically messaged whenever a child enters a location they geofenced--whether it's a school, a mall, or a friend's home.

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By adopting Esri's SDK, uKnow set up functionality that lets parents or caregivers hav

When your app needs location, not just any map will do...Basically, anyone who wants to add location to an app or solution has probably heard that Esri is the first name in geospatial development.


By adopting Esri's SDK, uKnow set up functionality that lets parents or caregivers hav

The mapping software giant will take an unprecedented step, enabling thousands of government customers around the U.S. to make their data on the ArcGIS platform open to the public with a click of a mouse.

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