Be a Geodev

Geo allows me to improve police officer safety

Jim Schaff, Yardarm, VP Marketing

What does your typical day look like?

It’s a startup so it never ends. We deal a lot with international people so if you’re talking to Europe it’s early, Asia it’s late. All day I am managing time zones, managing partners, managing press, managing operations. We have a virtual team so there are a lot of meetings, a lot of Skype

What does Yardarm build?

We capture information, primarily for police officer safety. We developed the Yardarm sensor and firearm telemetry platform.

What do you see as the future of location?

Location is going to play into everything. How many apps today versus three years ago ask you for your location? For us it’s critical. Esri is extremely helpful to emerging tech partners. Technology consumers are becoming more mature and looking for tools that only Esri can provide. At the same time Esri is developing more web GIS and developer capabilities. Esri is well situated. It’s a pleasure to do business with Esri and you can’t always say that.

be a geodev

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Long live the GeoDev