Be a Geodev

Geo allows me to help people travel safely

Kaila Beattie, Antris

How do you approach a new idea or project?

We love to sit as a team and brainstorm. Our CTO, Ed Elliott, always says, “Don’t worry about how your ideas will function, just dream them up. We can make anything work.”

What does your company build?

We build web and mobile applications that allow people to plan trips and activities. The Antris Alert Process proactively attempts to contact the member when they do not check-in on their scheduled checkpoints on time. If they can’t be reached, an optional Emergency Response will be initiated.

How is your company using geo?

On our web application it is used to look up addresses and display locations on maps. On our mobile application it is used to create plans by picking points on maps, determining the best route to take between checkpoints, and to track the user as they travel on their plan. In case of emergency, their personal contacts or emergency authorities can have the latest location information to know where to start the search. We work with Esri as a startup partner and we use ArcGIS APIs and SDKs to offer features through both our web and mobile applications.

be a geodev

You are a builder. You are a creator. You are an unstoppable force of innovation AND YOU Are what Esri is all about. Where developers come together to write the future of geo enabled technology. Where Esri works hand in hand with YOU to make incredible things possible.

Long live the GeoDev