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Geo allows me to help people travel safely

Len Ostroff, Millennial Media, SVP of Global Business Development

What does Millennial Media build?

We are a mobile marketing and advertising company. For us, location is crucial to getting the right ads to the right people at the right time.

Can you tell us a story about a customer using your tool?

We recently launched an ad campaign with one of the world’s largest retailers. We’re using location to determine when to show the ad. For example, if we see a mobile device within a five- or ten-minute drive time, we’ll show an ad that says something to the effect of, “come on in, here are the directions, and here’s a coupon.” The ad now provides real utility to the consumer.

How are you working with Esri?

We use Esri’s geodata through ArcGIS to create ads with built-in drivetimes and geo-fences. I am fascinated by what Esri is doing. There is no higher quality dataset on the market. And Esri shows a willingness and creativity to work with us in building unique and innovative solutions.

What do you see as the future of location?

Location is at the core of mobile advertising. Without location data, mobile advertising wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. It’s the only media that uses location as a critical input to making advertising more relevant. Esri is doing all the right things. They have drivetime, they have location, they have points of interest. This provides mobile marketers with significantly more data around the type of ad that should be shown. We believe that location infers context. Based upon location, we can, within some level of accuracy, understand very interesting things about lifestyle and consumer intent.

be a geodev

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