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Geo allows me to turn tons of data into actionable info

Prem Radhakrishnan, 39°N, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

What does 39°N build?

We work with anything and everything GIS. Whether your information is in parcels, pipes, or precincts, we can devise a management strategy that will help you exploit your data resources for maximum advantage. We provide system architecture, geodatabase design, expert analysis, consulting, data-creation[,] and migration services.

How did you learn about Esri?

I started working with Esri while earning a master’s degree in GIS. As a developer[,] I found it was a challenging, cutting-edge technology and provided me with enough capabilities to do the work I needed and solve the problems I had. And, it allowed me to develop really cool products.

What is the biggest challenge in using location for your projects?

I never thought there was a challenge in using location. Location usually solves problems rather than creat[ing] challenges. The only challenge I can think of is working in remote locations where [a] data connection is not available[,] but we resolve that with offline data[-]collection capabilities.

What is the future of location?

Location is so prolific that every piece of data is eventually going to have a location attached to it. Everybody is talking about location. If people are not thinking in these terms now, they will be soon.

be a geodev

You are a builder. You are a creator. You are an unstoppable force of innovation AND YOU Are what Esri is all about. Where developers come together to write the future of geo enabled technology. Where Esri works hand in hand with YOU to make incredible things possible.

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