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Geo allows me to enhance the experience for sports fans

Scott Larson, Venyoo

What does your typical day look like?

I wake up with my kids ready to start their morning. I check email and start my day with a great cup of coffee. Once the kids are off to school, I usually take phone meetings with partners, customers, or investors. Then it’s heads-down analysis time and product strategy all through the afternoon. Several times a month I go to tech meetups at night in and around LA.

What does Venyoo build?

We are "Geo-meets-Social" in the Live Events space. We can build consumer-facing mobile-mapping experiences for consumers, but more and more we are turning into a data aggregator of geo-location for stadiums, arenas, and event stakeholders.

How is your company using geo?

We are collecting geo-tagged data from mobile services that use geo-location. We use ArcGIS as a core SDK that we encapsulate and retool for use within a mobile team app.

What is your favorite app or technology solution you created?

Our app can save your car’s location on the map of a parking lot—a much needed feature in a 60K+ capacity stadium!

What advice can you give someone who wants to add geo to their app?

Start attending meetups on the topic. Dive head first into beacons as well—it’s a fascinating preview of what's to come with consumer-facing location-based technology.

be a geodev

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