Esri Climate Resilience App Challenge 2014

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And the winners are …

In support of the White House Climate Data initiative, Esri hosted the Climate Resilience App Challenge on March 9 through June 2, 2014. Many governments, private industries, and nonprofit organizations submitted game changing applications that promoted climate resilience. The number of useful app submissions that addressed the different aspects of climate change was outstanding. Our judges put a great deal of thought and care into their review of each app and selected these three winners.

Minnesota Solar
Suitability Analysis

The Minnesota Solar Suitability Analysis app allows users to identify the optimal location for Solar Panel installations.

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FloodForecast allows sends push alerts (SMS messaging) to users when their registered address is in eminent danger of flooding.

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Save the Rain

The Save the Rain app helps to raise rainwater savings awareness by combining easy to use mapping tools with the latest climate data.

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The 10 runners up are …

Culvert Inventory

The Culvert Inventory tool is a user-friendly template that can be used to help governments identify the “weakest links”
in their water management network.
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Local Food Alternatives in Washington County

Local Food Alternatives in Washington County was created to show the farm, community supported agriculture, and market alternatives to help encourage sustainability and self-sufficiency. Visit Website


UNITY was created with the goal of eliminating traffic for regions, and stabilizing climate change via reducing the impact of carbon emissions through traffic sources.
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Urban Heat Risk Explorer

The Urban Heat Risk Explorer was created by The Trust for Public Land to help people better understand heat risks in cities and connect with citizens on how to protect themselves during extreme heat events. Visit Website

CommunityViz Web App

The CommunityViz web app helps planners, resource managers, local and regional governments make decisions about development, land use, transportation, conservation and more. Visit Website

EveryDrop LA

EveryDrop is an app that can be used by the public and by government agencies as a resource to both curb water waste and promote water conservation. Visit Website

Coastal Resilience 2.0

Coastal Resilience is a tool that provides communities, planners, businesses, and officials a step-wise process to guide decisions to reduce the risks of coastal hazards. Visit Website

Global Forest Watch Commodities

Global Forest Watch (GFW)-Commodities is an online platform helps companies to analyze the impact of key commodities, such as palm oil, beef, soy, and wood pulp, on forests.
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Community Resilience Inference Measurement

The Community Resilience Inference Measurement app measures the ability for U.S. counties to be more resilient to climate-related hazards. Visit Website

Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change

The Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change app enables community members and leaders to understand the impact that climate change will have on soil erosion. Visit Website

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