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Interact with Your Data Spatially

Esri has partnered with Microsoft to offer a set of features that contribute to and enhance the usability of the Windows Azure DataMarket. These features include online applications that query and map geographic data from the DataMarket, online analysis tools and a collection of premium demographic datasets.

Among the data available in the DataMarket, Esri's Updated Demographics (2010/2015) data provides the industry's most accurate population, housing, and income variables.

Windows Azure DataMarket is a cloud service that provides a global marketplace for delivering high quality information in a consistent manner.


Geospatial Viewer

The ArcGIS geospatial viewer is a free, online web application for mapping geographic datasets hosted in the Windows Azure DataMarket. Use it to analyze your geographic data, discover trends, and share your results.

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Detailed census and demographic datasets for the United States are provided by Esri within the Windows Azure DataMarket. Utilize these datasets to emphasize geographic trends and characteristics in your projects.

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