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Maintenance Program

Why should I want to pay for maintenance on Esri software that I have purchased?

Maintenance covers support, including incident tracking, new releases, and enhancements for perpetual software licenses and software subscriptions under term. Maintenance for the first year is automatically included when a qualifying product is licensed. The maintenance program includes

  • New releases, patches, and software updates.
  • Technical support.
  • Registration (where applicable) to the annual Esri International User Conference.
  • Priority consideration for Esri's software beta program, which allows licensees to preview and test software prior to general release.
  • Advanced notification of software promotions, when offered.
How do I find out what maintenance benefits my products are entitled to?
To find out whether the Esri product you purchased includes maintenance benefits, visit the Esri Maintenance Program Benefits page. Note that certain programs and license types may have varying maintenance benefits. For additional information regarding maintenance benefits, contact Customer Service at
How do I keep my maintenance current?
Esri Customer Service keeps a record of each customer's maintenance and will automatically notify your organization 120 days prior to the maintenance term expiration date and send a quote 90 days prior to that date. Maintenance renewal quotes are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.
If I purchase new products, will my existing maintenance cover those new products?
Products that are part of the maintenance program include one year of complimentary maintenance when the product is purchased. Subsequent maintenance will be included in a quote sent to your organization and must be paid to continue the benefits of the program.
How do I know when my maintenance term starts?
The start date for standard commercial licenses is 30 days after the invoice date of the license, rounded up to the first day of the following month. The start date of subscription and term licenses is the date the order is processed.
How do I change my maintenance term? For example, if I have multiple products purchased at different times, will I have multiple maintenance expiration dates to keep track of?
All licensed Esri products that offer a maintenance subscription are synchronized to reflect a common maintenance subscription start and end date, regardless of when each product was first licensed. These prorated dates will be reflected on the maintenance renewal quote. If this is not the case or if you otherwise need to change your maintenance term, contact Esri Customer Service. Some prorated charges may apply.
What if my maintenance has expired and I want to initiate it again?
If Esri has not received an order or payment prior to the termination date, you or your organization's designee will receive a notification stating that the maintenance term has expired. You will have 30 days to reinstate it without the loss of technical support, but you will not be able to receive any product updates or other program benefits until your subscription is once again current. If the subscription has lapsed, maintenance reinstatement fees equal to the amount of back maintenance from the date the subscription lapsed, in addition to the current annual fees, will have to be paid to reinstate maintenance. Contact your Esri representative or Customer Service for your maintenance quote.
Do I have to pay all maintenance fees upfront?
Software maintenance fees are due and payable annually in advance. However, customers in the United States can request that software maintenance fees be paid quarterly or semiannually in advance, with an added service fee of 12 percent per billing.
I have received my Esri products as part of a donation or grant. Do I still get the first year of complimentary maintenance?
If you have received your Esri products as part of a donation or grant, the first year of maintenance is complimentary unless otherwise noted in your contract.
Are there any maintenance fee discounts for Esri partners?
Esri partners in the United States should contact their local Esri regional office for pricing information on Esri partner maintenance.

Technical Support

What constitutes an authorized caller, and how do I become one so I can call Esri Technical Support?
An authorized caller is an individual designated by your organization who can contact Esri to request technical assistance, such as reporting software problems or requesting assistance with software use. You need to provide the name of each authorized caller to Esri Technical Support; however, you can change your authorized caller list at any time by notifying Esri Technical Support. If you do not notify Esri with the name of the authorized caller, the first person to call Esri to request technical support will become an authorized caller.
What resources does Esri have for technical support?
Any user may utilize the following:

Telephone Support and Incident Reporting/Logging—If a technical issue arises that the licensee needs help with, the licensee can log an incident with Esri over the phone.

Esri Online Support Center—The Esri Online Support Center is an Esri website that authorized callers for licensees can use to get self-help and web-based support.

Knowledge Base—Esri's Knowledge Base is a database of technical articles, web-based help, known bugs, and white papers on Esri software.

Community—The community section provides the Esri user community with the ability to ask questions, collaborate on ideas, share knowledge about technical details, get community-based support, and participate in beta testing through forums.

Web Help—Web-based help is an up-to-date version of the help system that was shipped with the product; new information is added and existing topics updated as necessary.

Downloads—Licensees can download software updates and patches for individual bugs or a compilation of bugs.

Customer Care Portal—The Customer Care portal allows licensees to track and manage support incidents and reported software issues online.
How do I contact Esri's technical support team?

Hours: 5:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (Pacific time), Monday through Friday, except Esri holidays

Telephone: 909-793-3774
Toll-Free Phone: 888-377-4575, extension 2
Support Web Form:

I am an international customer. Can I get direct support from Esri in the United States?
No. Esri software customers outside the United States can receive technical assistance through their local Esri distributor. Please contact your local Esri distributor with any questions or for more details.
What information should be readily available when contacting Support Services?
  • Your Esri customer number
  • Your Esri Global ID
  • The phone number and e-mail address where you can be reached
  • The version of the software you are using
  • The version of the operating system you are using
  • The database you are using, if applicable
  • A description of what you were doing when the problem occurred
  • The exact wording of any error messages that appear on the screen
  • Any steps taken to resolve the problem
Are my ArcGIS for Desktop extensions covered by maintenance?
Most ArcGIS for Desktop extensions require separate maintenance, which is calculated by using the same rules that apply to ArcGIS for Desktop. Primary and secondary maintenance is offered for both concurrent-use and single-use ArcGIS for Desktop extensions. Maintenance for extensions cannot be purchased unless maintenance for the core product is purchased as well.
Are any Esri products unsupported?
Technical support is limited to unmodified Esri software. Sample applications and templates that ship with each product are provided for demonstration purposes and considered unsupported. Technical assistance through Esri Support Services is not available for hardware not provided by Esri except to answer questions of how standard supported devices interface with Esri products.

Software Updates, Patches, and Fixes

What is an update?
Updates are a collection of files that correct a problem with a product or improve the product through enhancements. All customers current on maintenance will be notified of software updates when they are available for download from the Customer Care portal.
What is a hot fix?
A hot fix is a single fix in one of the specific functional areas deemed critical for a specific site or organization (e.g., when production has stopped). When a business justification review is completed and a technical feasibility assessment results in approval, the fix is delivered directly to the customer or to a local distributor. The documentation delivered with the hot fix clearly identifies the technical problems that are addressed by the hot fix and any limitations. Hot fixes are tested by affected teams in a focused manner. Hot fixes are incorporated into subsequent service packs. Hot fixes do not add new functionality. Hot fixes are not functional unless the end user already has the required product release installed.
What is a patch?
A patch is a single fix or set of related fixes that will affect a large number of customers and needs to be posted on the web for general availability. Once a patch is released, it will be incorporated into a subsequent service pack release. Patches are tested by the affected teams. Patches do not add new functionality. Patches are not functional unless the end user already has the required product release installed.

User Conference Passes

How do I get User Conference passes as part of maintenance?
User Conference (UC) passes are generally part of the maintenance program; however, customers with an enterprise license, partner, or other master agreement with Esri may be entitled to a different number of User Conference registrations based on that agreement.

Those under the standard Maintenance Program will find the UC pass entitlements per product listed on the Maintenance Program Benefits page. Your annual maintenance invoice will list your products on maintenance.
Can I get a User Conference pass if I present at the UC?
Presenting a paper, submitting a poster, submitting a software application, or having other involvement with the conference does not automatically register or exclude licensees from User Conference fees. All presenters must register and pay the appropriate fees (or for maintenance) to attend the conference.

Additional Terms

What is secondary maintenance?
Secondary maintenance only applies to ArcGIS for Desktop and comes into play when 10 or more licenses are purchased and is typically applied to the additional 9 product licenses of every 10 licenses. Secondary maintenance subscriptions provide software updates, but technical support is covered under primary maintenance. However, licensees may choose to have any combination of primary and secondary maintenance subscriptions as long as a minimum ratio of 1 primary to 9 secondary licenses is maintained. For example, licensees may choose to have additional primary maintenance subscriptions to acquire additional authorized callers.
Where do I find my customer number?
Your customer number can be found on your invoice, a packing list, or the cover page of your renewal quote. Alternatively, you can contact Esri Customer Service to request your customer number. Customers outside the United States should contact their local Esri distributor.
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