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Two new services, Live Chat and My Support, connect you to Esri Technical Support.

Primary Maintenance

Primary maintenance subscriptions include 12 months of technical support for one authorized caller and updates for one license. Primary maintenance is applicable to the first software license. For example, the first of every 10 ArcInfo licenses and/or any of its extensions that you acquire is considered a primary license (i.e., copies 1, 11, 21, 31, and so on).

Secondary maintenance subscriptions are typically applied to the additional nine software licenses. However, you may choose to have any combination of primary and secondary maintenance subscriptions as long as a minimum ratio of one primary to nine secondary licenses is maintained. For example, you may choose to have additional primary maintenance subscriptions to acquire additional primary maintenance benefits such as additional complimentary Esri User Conference registrations or added authorized callers.

What is an authorized caller?
An authorized caller is an individual designated by you, the customer, who can contact Esri to request technical assistance (e.g., to report software problems or request assistance with software use). You need to provide the names of the authorized callers to Esri Technical Support; however, you can change the authorized caller list at any time by notifying Esri Technical Support. If you do not notify Esri with the name of the authorized caller, the first person to call Esri to request technical support assistance becomes the authorized caller.

If the current authorized caller leaves your organization for a long period of time or resigns, Esri needs to be contacted and informed as to who the new authorized caller will be. Esri does not accept calls from other callers within a user organization if the authorized caller is on short leave (e.g., vacation or illness) unless the user organization has notified Esri.

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