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Secondary Maintenance

Secondary maintenance offers many of the advantages of primary maintenance and is available at a lower cost. With a secondary maintenance subscription, you receive software updates and technical support assistance through the software license covered under primary maintenance. This allows you to install and use software updates sent to your organization to update the software license covered under primary maintenance and request technical support assistance through the registered authorized caller at your site.

What is an authorized caller?
An authorized caller is an individual designated by you, the customer, who can contact Esri to request technical assistance (e.g., to report software problems or request assistance with software use). You need to provide the names of the authorized callers to Esri Technical Support; however, you can change the authorized caller list at any time by notifying Esri Technical Support. If you do not notify Esri with the name of the authorized caller, the first person to call Esri to request technical support assistance becomes the authorized caller.

If the current authorized caller leaves your organization for a long period of time or resigns, Esri needs to be contacted and informed as to who the new authorized caller will be. Esri does not accept calls from other callers within a user organization if the authorized caller is on short leave (e.g., vacation or illness) unless the user organization has notified Esri.

Up to nine secondary software maintenance subscriptions can be purchased for each primary maintenance subscription. Secondary maintenance subscriptions do not include complimentary Esri User Conference registrations or documentation updates.

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