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Access, share, and manage content
Browse maps, apps, and data
Access basemaps, demographic maps, and image services
Access maps from browsers, mobile devices, ArcGIS for Desktop
Embed maps in web pages, blogs, applications
Create public groups and share items
Keep content private or share it publicly  
Add your own data to maps
Add Geometry Service to maps & apps
Store maps, apps, and data in Esri's cloud 2 GB Limit
Create private groups  
Make maps in Excel with Esri Maps for Office  
Perform spatial analysis  
Add World Geocoding to maps & apps  
Add World Network Analysis to maps & apps  
Access ArcGIS Portal and Web Mapping APIs  
Publish hosted services in Esri's cloud  
Manage user roles, access, and security  
Monitor usage information  
Add your organization's logo and banner to your ArcGIS Online homepage  
Display your organization's maps on your ArcGIS Online homepage  
Create a custom URL for your ArcGIS Online homepage  
Includes Technical Support  
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