The World Geosearch and Geocoding services use the most recent commercial street data and provide address geocoding capabilities for over 100 countries and support world place-finding and points-of-interest (POI) capabilities. Use these services for

  • Single and multi-line geosearch
  • Place and POI geosearch
  • Reverse geocoding
  • Address geocoding

Geosearch services are available at no cost. You can locate an address, or find a place, feature, or point-of-interest. The search result is displayed on the map, but not stored for later use.

Geocoding services require an ArcGIS Online subscription. With these services you can convert an address to an x,y coordinate and append the result to an existing record in a database. You can also reverse geocode an x,y coordinate to get an address, and batch geocode large number of addresses. All geocoding results are stored for later use.

The World Geocoding service is a global locator that supports multiple levels of geocoding.

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