What's New in ArcGIS Online April 2013

The April update included minor enhancements for authoring web maps and administering organizations. It also included an update on beta functionality for organizations to preview.

Map Viewer Enhancements

View Directions—We added the option to view a round trip route. For more information, see Viewing directions.

Legend support for WMS layers—You can now display legends for WMS layers that have a published legend. Take a look at this example web map. For more information, see Adding layers from the web.

Enhancements to ArcGIS 10.1 for Server dynamic map service layers—You can now set visibility, rename layer, and remove layer on ArcGIS for Server 10.1 dynamic map service layers. For more information, see About working with layers.

Web Application Enhancements

New Map Tour template—This configurable story map template combines an interactive map, a photo and text panel, and a thumbnail carousel. Using the template you can interactively add photos to your map and create an online map story tour. This new hosted template, based off the downloadable map tour template, is now available to publishers and administrators of ArcGIS Online organizations.

Twitter-based templates require log in—Due to changes in the Twitter API, you must now be signed in to Twitter to see Tweets. When viewing a web app created with one of the ArcGIS Online Twitter-based templates—Chrome-Twitter, Twitter Timeline, and Social Media—you will be prompted to log in to Twitter.


ArcGIS Online beta enhancements are available to all ArcGIS Online users with organizational accounts. They are stable components of the site that may have incomplete functionality or documentation and may contain some minor issues. There is no charge for performing analysis during the beta period. Note that charges do apply for the storage and access to the resulting layers. If you have issues or are experiencing problems with any of the beta functionality, please contact Esri Technical Support or visit the ArcGIS Online forum.

Enhancements to Enterprise Logins—We've improved the documentation for how to set up Enterprise Logins with Active Directory Federation Services 2.0. For more information, see Working with Active Directory Federation Services 2.0.

Enterprise Logins are based on federating in your enterprise identity provider using SAML. Please be aware that in this initial beta release any user with an enterprise login will be able to sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization once you set up the federation. A future update will add the ability for you to restrict membership to those enterprise users who you explicitly invite.

Analysis tools—We've made several enhancements to the analysis tools:

  • When saving results, you can now specify a folder in My Contents to save the result.
  • You can run an analysis using just the features that are within the current map extent.
  • With Create Buffers, you can use a field on your analysis layer to specify a buffer distance.
  • You can perform analysis on GeoRSS layers.
  • All result layers are automatically tagged with "Analysis result". You can search for this tag to retrieve all layers created using the analysis tools.
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