Benefits of Certification

The Esri Technical Certification Program recognizes qualified individuals who are proficient in best practices for using Esri software and creates a workforce highly skilled in applying Esri best practices to advance the goals of their organizations.

When hiring IT professionals, almost all HR managers prefer certified professionals.

— Source: IDC Studies 2006 & 2008

66% of managers believe that certifications improve the level of service and support of IT end-users and customers.

— Source: CompTIA Survey July 2009

I feel more confident and will be able to answer many more questions by our users now.

— Stefanie Obmann,
Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate

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Improve your job prospects, enhance your professional potential, and reap the personal rewards that come with achieving a goal.

The hard work of preparing for and earning a certification hones your time-management, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Together with proven technical expertise, these skills help you differentiate yourself in a crowded job market and give you added credibility with decision makers. An Esri technical certification amplifies your potential to earn more responsibility, expand your professional network, and advance your career.

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If your organization depends on Esri technology, a workforce certified in Esri best practices is a strategic asset.

People matter. An engaged, skilled workforce is essential to deliver innovative geospatial products that earn the confidence of your customers and constituents. IDC studies have shown that certified teams have higher productivity, improved customer service, and better problem-solving skills than noncertified teams. Certification also simplifies the hiring process by helping you quickly identify qualified candidates for key technical positions. By supporting development paths for a variety of staff roles, certification is a valuable tool to motivate and retain the people your business relies on.

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