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Esri Technical Certification exams recognize expertise in three domains: desktop, developer, and enterprise use of ArcGIS. Certifications are offered at three levels: Entry, Associate, and Professional.


ArcGIS Desktop


ArcGIS Desktop Developer
Web Application Developer


Enterprise Geodata Management
Enterprise System Design
Enterprise Administration
Certification is in development.

Exam Update Policy

As new software versions are released, Esri will evaluate the need to update the Esri Technical Certification exam based on the level of change, and will create a new exam if more than 10% of change to the overall exam content exists. Aside from major exam changes based on software releases, the exams may be updated based on the release of new products or original publication date. View our development strategy.

Exam Retirement Policy

Esri certification exams are retired in accordance with the Esri Product Life Cycle Support Policy for mature support. Esri will retire certification exams as new versions of the exams become available. Exam retirement does not affect any certifications that have been issued for that version. All existing certifications will remain active.

Exam Retirement Schedule
The certification exams below will be retired on July 31, 2016. Exam appointments, including retakes, cannot be scheduled after this date.

  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.1
  • ArcGIS Desktop Professional 10.1
  • ArcGIS Desktop Developer Associate 10.1
  • Web Developer Associate 10.1
  • Enterprise Geodata Management Associate 10.1
  • Enterprise Geodata Professional 10.1
  • Enterprise System Design 10.1
  • Enterprise Administration Associate 10.1
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