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Focus on People to Demonstrate Value

A workforce development plan helps managers make sure GIS staff have the skills they need to perform at a high level. The process used to create the plan has a bonus outcome. The plan documents how your organization’s GIS program, applications, and staff directly contribute to achieving strategic business objectives. Explore workforce development planning resources.

Quote from the Classroom

“This seminar inspired me to give our ArcGIS Online site a facelift, and detailed the tools and best practices to do so!”

— Jeffrey Pires, GISP, after attending Best Practices for Your ArcGIS Online Organization

Jeff is Lead Analyst at National Grid’s Asset Management group, where he uses GIS to bring together data from different departments, systems, and processes. “GIS helps me deliver the information our engineers and analysts need to make faster, more informed decisions.”

Are You Ready to Be a Geodesigner?

During his opening talk at this year’s Esri User Conference, Esri founder Jack Dangermond talked about geodesign and its power to shape the future. He challenged everyone in the audience to become geodesigners, or at least to give it some thought. “Creating a better future, I think, requires GIS professionals,” he said.

Esri instructor Tom Shippee (left) and Satish Sankaran presenting Achieving Interoperability Using ArcGIS and OGC Standards in June.

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July 17, 2014

ModelBuilder 220: Add Flexibility
Can a model that automates also accommodate? Yes, and here’s how.

May 29, 2014

ModelBuilder 101
Like anything in life, becoming a master modeler starts with understanding the basics.

Apr 25, 2014

Commonsense Tips for Story Map Data
Read basic data precepts that can keep a story map from turning into a cautionary tale.

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