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Seven Steps to Manage Technology Change

With the evolution of ArcGIS into a true web GIS, managers have an opportunity to expand GIS-enabled insights and efficiencies across their organizations and engage a new ecosystem of users. In this ArcUser article, David Schneider shares seven steps to create an actionable change management strategy to help grow GIS adoption and demonstrate value to leaders. Read the article.

Planning the People Aspect of Technology Adoption

In this short video from the 2015 Esri User Conference, senior GIS database administrator Jacob Boyle describes why a workforce development plan is a key element of Seneca Resources Corporation’s ArcGIS adoption strategy. “We didn’t want to just address the needs of the GIS staff, we wanted to address the needs of all GIS users,” said Boyle. Watch the video.

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Quote from the Classroom

Scott Fraser, CFM
FEMA Coordinator and Floodplain Administrator
City of Key West, Florida

Six months ago, as a new ArcGIS user, Fraser had a lot of questions. Last summer, he attended three Esri instructor-led classes. He brought his list of questions with him.

“I’ve been to a lot of training classes, but can’t say I’ve been to another where I got so much in such a short time,” said Fraser.

Fraser has applied the information he received in class to get an impressive amount of work done.

“I’ve been able to achieve—from my perspective—amazing GIS accomplishments for my community.”

His accomplishments include updated floodplain maps, cleaned-up databases, and, most recently, maps that will assist damage assessment during a flood event.

“[Going to class] opened my eyes to the endless practical and analytical uses GIS offers.”

Garrett McKinney (left) and Ismael Chivite presenting Survey123 for ArcGIS: Ask Questions, Get the Facts, Make Decision on October 29, 2015.

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