Learn GIS


Numerous opportunities exist to learn GIS technology skills and stay current with best practices.

Whether you are new to GIS or a seasoned GIS professional, proper education and training are essential to your success.

A variety of degree and certificate programs are available all over the world.

GIS software training is available in formal classroom and online/distance programs, or you can choose to learn GIS on your own time.

Get a Degree or Certificate in GIS

Degree or certificate programs in GIS are offered by higher educational institutions all over the world. Use these resources to find the right program for you.

Learn in a Classroom

Classroom or instructor-led training is right for you if you

  • Are an application programmer or critical technical staff
  • Have specific technical or application questions
  • Are new to GIS or do not have the full support of skilled staff

Find a Class

If you use GIS software from Esri, Esri and its authorized training partners offer a full roster of courses for its software in convenient locations around the world.

If you use GIS software from another vendor, contact your software vendor for more information about training offered.

Landsat False Color Composite of Glacier Bay

GIS technology provides educators with tools to develop a greater understanding of our world. GIS helps prepare students to meet the demands of the twenty-first-century workforce, whether they are involved in science, government, or business.

Learn GIS Online

Many colleges and universities offer online or distance learning programs in GIS that count toward formal degrees or certificates. Vendors also often provide online training.

Online Programs

Online Classes

Esri offers online training for specific software as well as on GIS applications, science, and technology. Several courses offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in conjunction with various colleges and universities. Sign up for a free module.

Mobile GIS enables field personnel to locate facilities

GIS provides utility and communication companies with a common platform to access business data, manage assets, update network information, integrate work orders, find customer information, and prepare reports.

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