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How to Change the Way We Talk about Climate Change

Feelings, not facts, have been shaping the discussion on climate change.

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NextTech: Smart Maps Show Executives the Impact of Climate Change

Decision-makers accustomed to making data-based decisions find climate change diffuse and unpredictable. A new smart map might change their view.

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Designing for Climate Change with GIS

The Massachusetts Army National Guard (MA ARNG) initiated one of the defense industry's first and most comprehensive climate change vulnerability

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Enter the Esri Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge

Create a game-changing app that will help communities better understand and reduce the impact of climate change on health.

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To Inspire Action on Climate Change, Use Maps

Geography sits at the confluence of people, place, and the environment and is essential to understanding and exploring the world.

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Winter Sports Advocates Map Economic Impact of Climate Change

Protect Our Winters uses GIS to research the economic impacts of low snow totals, using dollars and cents as a motivator in their outreach.

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Boulder, Colorado, Prepares for Climate Change with City Simulator

Boulder, Colorado, gained a new understanding of infrastructure and citizen vulnerabilities from Atkins' City Simulator.

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Business Risk in Focus as COVID-19, Climate Change Threaten

Companies adapting to the risks of COVID-19 are beginning to see long-term business risks through a similar lens.

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GIS and Ancient Trees Reveal Past Temperatures and Climate Change

Walking among living trees that have stood on the side of a mountain since the times of Christ and Buddha is a humbling experience.

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A City’s Challenge: Balancing Talent Recruitment and Climate Change

Skilled professionals and businesses are flocking to cities. In some locations, this puts them on a collision course with climate change.

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Using ArcGIS Hub, Local Government Works with Residents to Study Climate Change

To better understand how climate change is affecting its community, the City of Zwolle is engaging citizens and increasing transparency.

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Climate Change is Here and Now

Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe talks about the importance of changing the conversation about climate change.

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