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Collaborating Regionally Is Vital to GIS Management in Rural Settings

"Managing GIS," A column from members of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

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U-Spatial: A Consortium for the Spatial University

It is increasingly apparent to many within academia and beyond that spatial thinking, technologies, systems, and services matter.

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Collaboration Key in Corridor Selection

An Australian utility adopted a GIS-based process for siting corridors for its transmission lines that is successful because it fosters...

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ArcGIS Is a System of Engagement…and a System of Record

Applying the Benefits of Geography Everywhere

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2013 Esri Regional User Conferences

Offering Opportunities to Learn, Connect, and Collaborate

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Back to Basics

If you use ArcGIS in any way, shape, or form, Scott Morehouse had a big hand in bringing your software to life...

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New Energy Sources Challenge Utilities to Innovate

As consumers become power producers through solar and wind energy technology and storage, utilities must change their business model.

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Systems that Serve

Former director of software development Scott Morehouse is now leading small research teams focused on civic engagement and urban design.

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