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The New Imperative: Spatializing Health Research and Practice

It is vital that we advance and implement new spatial health research, methods, and infrastructure to address growing health challenges.

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The Hidden Factor Affecting Employee Health

It’s time for employers to wake up to an overlooked–and costly–aspect of employee health.

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A Perfect Combination

Dr. Este Geraghty is combining her passion for health and geography in her new role as the industry manager for Esri's health and human services.

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Using GIS to Form Resilient Public Health Plans

A public health crisis of epic proportions is looming due to the effects of climate change. Sophisticated technology like GIS needs to guide prep

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California Healthcare Atlas Offers Single Easy-to-Use Portal Series & Stories

Californians will require comprehensive information about their local and regional health care delivery systems more than ever as a result of...

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Mapping Epidemics: From SARS, Zika, and Ebola to the Pandemic of COVID-19

During epidemics, public health agencies turn to GIS to track disease spread, safeguard at-risk populations, and allocate available resources.

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Helping Hearts

Find out where cardiovascular disease is prevalent in the United States using the new Interactive Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke mapping...

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CDC Aims at Reducing Annual Heart Disease- and Stroke-Related Deaths in the US

The New Interactive Atlas Uses GIS Throughout, from Data to Presentation

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