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The Power of Shared Information for the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean Accounting Portal brings attention to this body of water in ways that decision-makers can quickly understand.

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Deoxygenation of the Ocean Affects Everyone, So Act Now

The decline of oxygen in the ocean concerns absolutely everyone, no matter where we live.

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Sustainably Growing the Blue Economy through Shared Ocean Information

Innovative shared ocean data and mapping efforts are resulting in better economic and environmental decisions for sustaining the blue economy.

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The Race to Make a High-Resolution Map of the World’s Oceans

The GEBCO-Nippon Foundation Alumni team (GEBCO-NF Alumni) won the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.

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Reveal: Ocean Scientists Study the Depths Through Sound

Applied Ocean Sciences uses GIS to inform and distribute its acoustical modeling work, providing scientists and mariners with new understanding.

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Esri, USGS Release First Truly 3D Map of World’s Oceans

The Ecological Marine Units (EMUs), composed of a point mesh framework of 52 million global ocean measurements, champion the wise use of ocean...

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XPRIZE Partners with Esri on Ocean Mapping Challenge

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE has ushered in a new era of autonomous seafloor mapping.

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Innovasea Applies Location Intelligence to Optimize Aquaculture

The combination of GIS, remote sensing, and networks of sensors in pens has introduced the concept of precision aquaculture.

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A New and Improved World Ocean Basemap

A new version of the World Ocean Basemap gives you the ability to use your own annotation and labeling or layer your data...

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