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GIS and BIM Integration Leads to Smart Communities

Esri-Autodesk integration partnership will foster BIM and GIS integration and the application of geodesign principles.

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How to Smart Map in Three Easy Steps

Smart Mapping is an exciting capability that can help you create beautiful and informative maps quickly. It’s never been easier to craft visually

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The Smart Workplace: An Executive Tour

Advanced technologies are delivering convenience to employees of smart workplaces—and bottom-line benefits to their employers.

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The Building Blocks of a Smart City

Where and how should a community grow? Where should a city build sidewalks and trails to lower the risk of accidents and encourage walking?

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Your Smart City Needs a Chief Analytics Officer

Good governing requires efficiency. As smart cities generate vast stores of big data, chief analytics officers uncover vital answers quickly.

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With Space at a Premium, San Francisco Gets Creative

With space at a premium and billions of dollars and city well-being on the line, what techniques should a city use to shape the future?

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Wellness Emerges as a Real Estate Trend

Wellness communities are expanding into new markets with the help of location intelligence and demographic data.

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Building a Data-Smart City

Former deputy mayor of New York City Stephen Goldsmith discusses smart cities and digital transformation of government at the local level.

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Economy Gives Employees Power to Choose

With unemployment low and wanderlust high among young professionals, companies should look more closely at employees’ cost of living.

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Do You Want to Retrofit Your City?

Government officials must use geodesign approaches to make their cities resilient and sustainable.

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Put Smart Planning into Practice

Planners and community developers are using 3D GIS and other geodesign technologies to evaluate planning proposals.

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Coming Together to Design Resilient Communities

The Geodesign Summit held January 23–25, 2018 focused on creating more resilient, livable communities using geodesign.

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