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Preparing Coastal Areas for the Coming Storms

The Nature Conservancy uses Esri ArcGIS to power its suite of online mapping decision support tools, which organizations can use to prepare...

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Learn to Customize the Map Tour App Header and Color Scheme

Want to change the banner and text colors and header logo and links in your Map Tour Story Map? Here's how.

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Resilience: Build Smarter

To make cities livable and resilient, there needs to be a systems approach to planning and a movement to rebuild smarter...

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City Gazing

Urban Observatory returns to the Esri User Conference in July as an interactive exhibit with more cities and themes to explore.

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A New and Improved World Ocean Basemap

A new version of the World Ocean Basemap gives you the ability to use your own annotation and labeling or layer your data...

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Executives to Share a Wealth of GIS Knowledge at the Esri Business Summit

Executives from The Wendy's Company, Bank of America, and Chick-fil-A are among the speakers at the 2014 Esri Business Summit.

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Grasp the GIS Opportunities within Education’s Grand Challenges

How can GIS help tackle education's grand challenges, from Common Core standards to online learning? Read this article to find out what issues...

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