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Esri Selected to Modernize Cyprus Cadastre

With the upgrade, Cyprus will get one of the most advanced, encompassing digital cadastral systems of the modern age.

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The Life of a GIS Professional: From improving cooperation to engaging citizens

The GIS manager in the city of Jihlava in the Czech Republic, enjoys a variety of tasks.

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Forest Damage from Tornadoes Assessed with ArcGIS

The Alabama Forestry Commission used ArcGIS to map the damage to more than 200,000 acres of forestland after a swarm of deadly tornadoes.

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From the Netherlands, with Love

A new web app shows how the topographic and cartographic history of the Netherlands has transformed over two centuries.

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ArcGIS Disconnected Apps Transform Hurricane Response in Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in chaos with no communication networks, Esri distributor GMT got creative in its response efforts.

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A New Mantra for Decision-Making: #UseAllTheData

From the military realm comes a lesson for business leaders: With big data analytics, we can exploit all information for competitive gain.

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Esri Launches Land Administration Modernization Program

Esri president Jack Dangermond says Esri will offer donations of GIS tools, content, and training to qualified countries to help governments...

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