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Spatial Analysis Ties Valley Fever Increase to Sea Temperature Rise

NOAA scientists use geography to integrate data and insight from five different disciplines to understand the rise of this fungal infection.

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Poor Air Quality Costs Businesses Millions, Research Shows

Some executives might think air pollution isn't their problem, but new location intelligence reveals its surprising business impact.

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Reporters, Scientists, and Citizens Team to Map Virginia’s Highest Tide

Journalists sponsored the ‘Catch the King’ crowdsourcing event that rallied citizens to capture sea level rise data using an app on their phones.

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Trend Watch: AI Helps Businesses Make Decisions at the Edge

Using big data analytics, AI, and location intelligence, businesses can speed decisions, empower employees, and earn customer loyalty.

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Helping Los Angeles Tackle the Need for Park Equity

The Trust for Public Land partners with cities nationwide to transform vacant land into parks, always factoring in equity.

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New Energy Sources Challenge Utilities to Innovate

As consumers become power producers through solar and wind energy technology and storage, utilities must change their business model.

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Think Tank: The Surprising Truth about Unified Commerce

In a fractious retail landscape and in the era of big data, many retailers are struggling to create a more nuanced view of customers.

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Tracing Each Oyster from Tide to Table

Taylor Shellfish added a genetics program to adapt their oysters to increased ocean acidity. Tracing each oyster ensures genetic resilience.

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Infectious Mosquitoes Pose Increasing Health Threat

Predictive modeling helps public health professionals understand mosquito behavior and plan a targeted attack to mitigate disease spread.

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Digital Transformation at the Largest Oyster Supplier in the US

Nyle Taylor from Taylor Shellfish Farms explains how location intelligence drives growth and innovation at his world-renowned oyster farm.

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