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Your Smart City Needs a Chief Analytics Officer

Good governing requires efficiency. As smart cities generate vast stores of big data, chief analytics officers uncover vital answers quickly.

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With Space at a Premium, San Francisco Gets Creative

With space at a premium and billions of dollars and city well-being on the line, what techniques should a city use to shape the future?

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An Open Data Strategy Pays Off for Johns Creek

Johns Creek, Georgia, drives economic growth and citizen engagement by making its data available through Alexa, dashboards, and charts.

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Connected Kiosks Foreshadow Smart Cities

New smart kiosks in big cities will give residents free WiFi—and could help support smart cities and more reliable autonomous vehicles.

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City of Brampton, Canada, Saves Time, Money with GeoHub

Residents, students, and businesses now have easy access to public information.

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New Bern Takes Ownership of Blight

The city of New Bern, North Carolina used GIS to turn around their ownership of derelict properties—powering parcel mapping, planning, and sales.

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Los Angeles Opens GeoHub, a Blueprint for Smart Communities

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti unveils Los Angeles GeoHub, an online portal that contains the city’s location-based data and several ready-to-us

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Key West Collects Comprehensive Assessments After Hurricane Irma Hits

Data collection on a map allowed Key West to quickly, efficiently, and flexibly capture damage details even when communications were lost.

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Startup Takes On Stormwater Management—and Salinas Gains Efficiency

Esri startup partner 2NDNATURE is employing ArcGIS to radically change how the City of Salinas, California, manages its stormwater systems.

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Back to Basics

If you use ArcGIS in any way, shape, or form, Scott Morehouse had a big hand in bringing your software to life...

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Building a Data-Smart City

Former deputy mayor of New York City Stephen Goldsmith discusses smart cities and digital transformation of government at the local level.

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Systems that Serve

Former director of software development Scott Morehouse is now leading small research teams focused on civic engagement and urban design.

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