Computerworld Honors Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for Applying Big Data to Combat Extreme Weather

Redlands, California—Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has been named a 2016 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Award winner for its innovative use of big data and real-time analytics to thwart the financial and public safety threats of winter weather. The prestigious honor recognizes big data initiatives that have delivered significant business value.

“We are pleased to announce the 2016 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards honorees,” said Scot Finnie, editor in chief, Computerworld. “This year’s 20 winning organizations have used data analytics to achieve a wide spectrum of gains, from improving business profitability to uncovering trends in criminal activity and reducing energy use — even keeping trains running on schedule.

We’re continually impressed with the new and inventive analytics projects at organizations big and small uncovered through our Data+ program. This year’s winning organizations are at the forefront of applying data analytics to deliver both business and societal benefits.”

The award commemorates Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for improving responsiveness to extreme weather events by integrating geospatial technology from Esri, crowdsourced data, and additional real-time information with its existing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Faced with threats to budgets and transportation operations, the agency integrated toolsets that consume and process large volumes of rapidly changing data, where location is the only common feature. The new system—which analyzes data from snow plow sensors, Twitter, Waze, traffic incidents, HERE, National Weather Service, and others—empowers decision makers with real-time situational awareness of what’s affecting road conditions.

“This collaborative effort between the Office of Information Technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems provides a system that saves money while increasing the power of the Transportation Cabinet to respond to weather and traffic related events as they are happening. This innovative product will enable movement of family, services, and goods across the Commonwealth safely and more efficiently,” said Tracy Nowaczyk, PE, Transportation Engineering Branch Manager.

With this intelligence, the agency more effectively manages the state’s road network; meets federal reporting requirements; prevents traffic headaches and safety issues for the public; and saves tax-payer dollars.

The Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards honorees and their achievements will be highlighted in a special September feature on

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