Esri's Developer Technology Supports Situational Awareness Workflows in Disconnected Environments

New Dynamic Situational Awareness Example App Released

Redlands, California—Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, today announced it is releasing the Dynamic Situational Awareness (DSA) Example Application, an open-source, fully functional app for mobile devices that showcases Esri’s latest ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit (SDK) release. ArcGIS Runtime SDKs enable developers to create situational awareness apps specifically for personnel who must operate in disconnected, intermittent, or low bandwidth (DIL) environments.Field operators, such as soldiers and first responders, must coordinate with each other in the field using in-vehicle and handheld situational awareness apps that share location intelligence in real time. The DSA Example App highlights best practices for developers creating mobile field solutions to help the field operator answer questions such as, Where am I? Where are my teammates? Am I visible to a suspect location? What is my team leader’s latest order? and When am I within 20 meters of a hazardous area? Due to security and survivability concerns, this information is typically transmitted using secure peer-to-peer network technology, without any reliance on the Internet.

“The DSA Example App demonstrates how developers can use Esri’s tools to help maintain field personnel’s situational awareness with critical information, analysis, and collaboration even in austere network environments,” said Jeff Peters, head of the national government sector at Esri. “We continue to strive to meet the unique needs of our users in defense, intelligence, and public safety, and this is an example of that effort.”

The DSA Example App is an open-source application based on the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, which developers can download, customize, compile, and configure for in-vehicle and handheld devices on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms.

To learn more about the DSA Example App and the ways Esri helps developers build real-time situational awareness tools, visit

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