Esri's Tapestry Data Provides Greater Precision to Lumate Mobile Advertising Platform

Redlands, California—Innovative mobile Ad Tech start-up Lumate, based in St. Louis, Missouri is now using Esri’s location platform and Tapestry Segmentation data to help mobile advertising customers pinpoint audiences even more accurately. Esri’s Tapestry data ensures that the ads delivered to each device are contextually relevant to the viewer. For example, Lumate can now target travelers in a busy airport with an ad for food from a venue that’s not only nearby, but also one they are more likely to frequent, based on their lifestyle information.

“We connect millions of advertisements to billions of impressions, and because we are performance focused, we assume the advertising risk," said R. J. Miller, vice president and co-founder of Lumate. "Tapestry data enables us to make smart, real-time ad placements that connect the most relevant ad to its audience. The insight we gain helps us deliver the right message to the right place and takes the risk out of our ad trading.”

Tapestry data is applied as a filter to the hundreds of thousands of bid requests that Lumate sees every second across more than 800 million unique mobile devices. This insight enables Lumate to more successfully differentiate its services and business value in the $18 billion a year ad market through improved location-based demographic targeting and identification.

Lumate continually updates its ad filter parameters with Tapestry data, so it has the most up-to-date information on which markets are interested in which products. This makes the ad buying process more efficient for Lumate’s customers and minimizes the risk Lumate assumes. Lumate works on a performance-based compensation model, so reaching the right audience for each advertiser is important.

“Many analysts have highlighted the importance of location-based targeting and geosegmentation,” said Simon Thompson, director of commercial industry at Esri. “Marketers need better platforms to identify customers where and when they are receptive to offers and advertisements. Lumate’s application of Tapestry data significantly differentiates the company from other providers, and we both see this as an opportunity to grow market share.”

For more information on how Esri’s solutions can help marketers, visit, or visit Esri and Lumate in booth 3171 at the National Retail Federation show in New York’s Javits Center, January 11–13, 2015. Learn more about Esri Tapestry Segmentation at

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