Hy-Vee Expands Market Opportunities with Esri's Location Analytics

Redlands, California—Esri announces that Hy-Vee, a midwestern grocery store chain with more than $7.7 billion in sales and 233 retail stores, is expanding its use of the Esri mapping platform to enhance its site selection and real estate decision making. The company’s adoption of location analytics to combine demographic and psychographic data brings deep spatial insight to business data. This will enable the Real Estate Department to better align capital expenditures with market opportunities.

"We are able to combine data and improve analysis to get a much clearer understanding of new and existing markets," said Andy McCann, senior vice president of Store Development. "We know how geography plays a significant role in consumers’ choices and behaviors. Using location analytics, we can maximize the way we respond to and understand our customers, stores, and market presence."

A combination of Esri Business Analyst, Business Analyst Online, ArcGIS Online deployed on Microsoft Azure, and Esri Tapestry Segmentation data helps Hy-Vee Real Estate Department staff better understand and gain market share. Analysts, managers, and decision makers can perform in-depth analysis across the entire store network, in a single market, or down to an individual store. This helps Hy-Vee better identify its market potential and opportunities. In addition, by using mobile and tablet devices, field staff can share on-site observations and findings with back-office staff, ensuring quicker feedback on real estate opportunities.

"Seeing an employee-owned company like Hy-Vee become more effective and collaborative by releasing the power of location analytics is truly exciting," said Simon Thompson, director of commercial industry at Esri. "Helping Hy-Vee bring additional services, new jobs, and economic development to communities through new and redeveloped stores is a win-win. Esri celebrates Hy-Vee’s continued success and growth."

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