WWW Goes Mobile

Since its fall 2012 debut, the WWW Conference is living a virtual life via a mobile application available to attendees. The application is the next phase of the experience. Launched in December, the application features extraordinary visual imagery and uniquely curated material focused on the presenters. The application provides a rich experience for users interacting with information. More than simply archiving presentations, it offers a unique way to navigate, learn, and understand information based on one’s own personal journey and vast online resources. These include Wikipedia integration, bibliographic references, social media connections, and a flood of illustrative and cartographic images that allow expansion and sharing of ideas as offered by the WWW Conference. The application will be continually updated with additional conversations captured during the breaks.

“We want to see the stuff that you don’t see on YouTube or in citations or in an interview or speech, the stuff behind things and behind the process, the stuff that makes people human,” says Wurman. “We want to see projects that Frank Gehry never got to build and handwritten notes and edits by C. K. Williams on his poetry.”