Matt Piper

As the global industry director for utilities and AEC at Esri, Matt Piper leads the solutions teams for electric; gas; telecommunications; water; and architecture, engineering, and construction. Matt is an industry thought leader who helps to shape the role of location intelligence within organizations. He has worked extensively with global utilities to help them harness digital transformation and create enterprise-wide value through location intelligence. Matt holds a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and has worked for 20 years in the power industry, acquiring deep experience in asset management, GIS, and business intelligence.

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Blazing a Multistate Trail to Augmented Reality Innovation

The IT director who created a first-of-its-kind augmented reality system reveals the happy accident that sparked a career in location technology.

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How and Why Utilities Are Shifting to Renewables

For utilities committed to decarbonization, location-based demographic data helps identify and predict areas where clean energy is in demand.

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Unseen: How Businesses Protect the Public

With lives at stake, companies are using location analysis to prevent injuries and deaths.

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Comcast Enters Growing Market with $50 Million E-sports Arena

No longer a niche interest, e-sports, or competitive gaming, is attracting big-name investors. How do companies evaluate the market opportunity?

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