Envisioning the Spatial University

Fulfilling the potential of geospatial technology

Spatial thinking and geospatial technologies remain unrealized opportunities for much of higher education. For example:

There are plenty of reasons why spatial thinking and geospatial technologies have yet to fulfill their transformative potential in higher education. However, it’s likely that concerted efforts by a few key institutions could have a dramatic impact. Mindful of this, it is apparent that there are five characteristics of “The Spatial University”:

Some higher education institutions have several of these characteristics, and a few may have all five. However, no institution has made a point of declaring its commitment to fulfilling the potential of spatial thinking and geospatial technology. This is likely a missed opportunity. In an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, we believe that a commitment to be a spatial university would be a valuable differentiator.
The distinction is appealing primarily because of a genuine conviction that a spatially literate populace is essential for a sustainable future, as well as a belief that GIS technology can empower spatial thinking.

How would you describe the vision of a Spatial University?

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