Esri’s Jim Young to Join Geoawesomeness GeoChat December 1

Jim Young, Esri Head of Business Development will be the guest at the Geoawesomness GeoChat on December 1, 2016. Young leads business development activities for Esri in Portland, Oregon and works closely with tech companies and developers to explore the use of location-aware application program interfaces (API) and spatial analytics. He analyzes data from phones, cameras, vehicles, and beacons to find patterns. Young seeks to apply spatial analysis along with computer vision to help retailers, advertisers, and tech companies gain market advantage.
Geoawesomeness is a blog about geospatial technology and all the exciting things surrounding it. With a team of people passionate about GIS from all around the world, Geoawesomeness aims to be not only the best geo-news platform, but also to provide constructive commentary about everything happening in the geo-industry.
GeoChat is a kind of town hall Q&A session hosted by Geoawesomeness, with guests representing the most cutting edge geo companies today.

At this GeoChat, Jim Young will talk about how Esri is helping governments and organizations across the world benefit from the Open Data movement—empowering people to make better informed decisions by enabling better data accessibility and greater insights than ever before.

Want to Join the Conversation?

Include #GeoChat and tweet your question directly either to @geoawesomeness or to @esrilive during the GeoChat. It’s at 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PST on Thursday, December 1, 2016.
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