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2017 Esri Public Sector CIO Summit

Written by Mike Dyer, Business Development Lead
Where? This is perhaps the most common question in government. Where informs our decision-making. Where improves our operational efficiency and quality of service to citizens. Where also enhances civic engagement.
Governments of all sizes recognize the critical role that spatial data plays in developing smart communities. Most governments have had GIS implementations in place for years, but CIOs today are looking for the practical knowledge they need to modernize those implementations that help enable smarter government.

I hear from CIOs wanting to know how to best leverage GIS to support Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, data analytics, open data, and internal collaboration in support of key community goals. They tell me that they are looking for better approaches to get information and analysis into the hands of citizens and various constituent groups. These efforts support smart goals of creating livable, sustainable, and resilient communities.
Each year, the Esri Public Sector CIO Summit offers a unique opportunity for Esri leadership and IT executives from state, regional, city, and county governments to meet and discuss new and innovative solutions for smart community initiatives. Together, we address technology trends, work through common challenges, and outline best practices for implementing a modern, innovative, and sustainable GIS program.
Through featured speakers, panel discussions, and case studies, attendees will gain insight and resources that will help them. . .

Last year, attendees heard the inspiring story about how the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) completely transformed its operations by implementing a modern web GIS. In just six months, the agency grew its digital products from 5 percent to 95 percent. Now Cal OES provides first responders throughout the state with the real-time information they need to respond to emergency events such as earthquakes and wildfires.
Consider attending this year’s CIO Summit. It is a unique networking opportunities for you to meet your peers from across the country and share experiences and best practices.
This event is ideal for chief information officers, chief innovation officers, and chief data officers. I hope that you can join us March 29 through 30, 2017, at Esri headquarters in Redlands, California.
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