Seven Apps to Help Build Healthier Communities

A healthy community starts with a modern approach to curating health and human services information, improving collaboration, streamlining processes, analyzing trends or issues, and communicating and engaging with the public. Geographic information system (GIS) technology leads the way, giving you the location-based intelligence and spatial analysis capabilities you need to build and maintain a healthy community.
There are endless opportunities to apply GIS across the broad spectrum of health and human services. Here are seven apps you can easily deploy to leverage the power of GIS to help make your community healthier today.

1. My Health Services

My Health Services is an app that helps residents locate a health facility and obtain information about services provided within their community from a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. The app is typically used by residents in a community, but it can be used by others to locate a health facility near them.

2. Birth Outcome Analysis

The Birth Outcome Analysis map template enables organizations to utilize tools to identify patterns in their community around birth outcomes. It also enables them to begin to correlate contributing factors within the community to the spatial pattern that emerges.

3. Briefing Book

The Briefing Book app can be used by state governments to create map-based birth outcomes briefings and reports with interactive content that can be viewed by executives, decision-makers, knowledge-workers, and constituents.

4. Restaurant Inspection

The Restaurant Inspection app supports the collection of restaurant inspection information used by Health departments.


5. Restaurant Inspection Results

The Restaurant Inspection Results app allows constituents to search for inspection results and to determine the status of inspections.

6. Water Quality Inspections

Water Quality Inspections is an app that to search for inspection results and to determine the status of inspections.

7. Water Quality Status

The Water Quality Status app enables citizens to find out water quality status based on monitored parameters.

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