Story Maps Speak In Many Languages

Stories are spoken in many languages, and the same is true for Story Maps. The results of a story map competition held at the recent Esri France SIG 2013 conference offered some compelling examples for me.
The winning story map merged themes of culture with urban and industrial heritage, but my favorite was a photographic tour of the Paris Metro. This was a tough selection to make over my second favorite story map about the seasonal migration (or transhumance) of people and their sheep. Of course all of these story maps are in French.

You can find many examples of story maps spoken in other languages, some of them found on the Storytelling with Maps community gallery. There’s one in Russian about famous Russian scientists.

There’s a travel guide story map about Ankara, the capital of Turkey and its second largest city (in Turkish):

A story map in Czech featuring commercial caves in the Czech Republic:

Other examples include:
Freizeit statt Maloche – Industrial sites reclaimed for recreation (German)
Rondreis Wine en Dine Zuid-Afrika – Wine and Dine Tour of South Africa (Dutch)
Mapa turístico de Miraflores – Tourist map of Miraflores (Spanish)
Den svenska konstkartan – The Swedish Art Map (Swedish)
And there are many more, proof that story maps, like any good story, can be spoken in many languages.

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