The World’s Largest Lesson

by Adam Pfister
The World’s Largest Lesson
World leaders from all nations, developed and developing, have committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Seventeen truly ambitious goals, and at Esri, we are committed to achieving each one.
In partnership with Project Everyone, we are incredibly excited to collaborate on the World’s Largest Lesson and their Focus on Goal 5, Gender Equality. Using the content in these lesson plans, teachers around the world are able to reach out to a new generation and help them stand up and embrace their part.
Achieving Gender Equality is ambitious, to be sure, and perhaps the first step is to know where you stand. Get to know those who are in important roles, starting in your own community and all the way up to your national representatives.

Let’s elevate that conversation.
From Where I Stand 
View the application here: (
Based on the Crowdsource Story Map Template we developed an application that allows for anyone to complete a survey and view a gender ratio representative of their community influencers and decision makers, both local and national.

Users are encouraged to complete the survey, view their ratio and then share their results on social media. We will be creating a global ratio, raising awareness to Gender Equality.

Learn More
To learn more about how Esri is supporting the SDGs, you have a lot of options!

Let’s unite around these goals and do our best to leave this world a little better than how we found it.

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