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Many of the articles that appear in ArcNews, ArcUser, and ArcWatch are contributed by Esri software users, partners, and others. Contributors to the publications are not paid, but an article about the work of your organization can benefit you professionally and raise the profile of GIS both inside and outside your organization. We look forward to receiving your article submission.

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Guidelines for all publications

To be considered, articles must follow these guidelines as well as specific guidelines for each publication (detailed below). Articles that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for publication.

Article content

Esri has three distinctly different publications. Your article can only be included in one publication. Review each publication’s goals and guidelines for appropriate content, choose the best fit for your article, adhere to those guidelines when writing your article, and then submit it to us through our portal available through the Get Started buttons at the top and bottom of this page.

We do not accept research papers, journal articles, promotional articles, press releases, or product announcements.


  • Write in the English language.
  • Write in the third person.
  • Write with an international audience in mind.
  • Use unformatted, un-styled text only (no heavily formatted text).
  • Use Microsoft Word, RTF, or plain text (no PDFs or scanned images).
  • Send graphics and artwork separately rather than embedded in your document. Images can be embedded in your document for illustrative purposes, but must also be sent separately.
  • Mention specific data sources if appropriate, whether government or commercial.
  • If referencing a source, do so in the body of the article using parentheses or in a dependent clause. Do not use footnotes.


  • Include the full name of all authors.
  • Include photographs of the authors.
  • Provide brief biographies for all authors that include titles and/or affiliation, education, and/or GIS-related work and interests.
  • At the end of the article, please include the sentence, "For more information, contact…" followed by at least one author’s name and contact information.
  • Authors should not be quoted in the article.

Graphics requirements

Articles in all publications require graphics, which are provided by the contributor. These can include screen captures, maps, photographs, diagrams, charts, or tables that help tell the story. Graphics must meet these guidelines:

  • Include at least two graphics per article submitted.
  • Choose large, high pixel count digital photographs or screenshots saved with little or no compression.
  • Use JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or PSD formats (ArcWatch articles can also include GIFs).
  • If submitting images of maps or layouts made with ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap, please export in a TIFF format with a resolution of 300ppi to ensure quality.
  • You must own the copyright for any graphics, or submit written permission for their use by Esri.
  • Clearly draw and label any diagrams or charts. Esri's designers will re-create them in the publication's style.
  • Graphic captions are required for each image. Create captions in a separate text document, listing each graphic by its digital file name.
  • Write a 10-20 word caption for each graphic that clearly describes how it relates to the article. Create captions in a separate text document, listing each graphic by its digital file name. Please include any image credits that are required.

Submission deadlines

Refer to the guidelines for each publication to learn its specific article submission deadlines. Submissions received by an issue deadline will be considered for that issue or later issues.

Review process

Articles that meet all requirements will be reviewed and considered for publication. If your article is chosen, you will be contacted by the publication editor via email. Additional information, graphics, or interviews may be requested at that time.

Detailed guidelines for each publication

Submission checklist

  • Review the general guidelines and the guidelines for your chosen publication. Adhere to those guidelines when writing your article.
  • Complete the polished, final version of your article text, approved by all applicable persons or departments.
  • Submit article text through our portal, linked to from the "Get started" buttons at the top and bottom of this page. Agree to the copyright policy and select the publication for which your article is intended.
  • Email your graphics to the appropriate editor via email, mail, or Esri MFT site. Editor contact information is listed underneath each publication’s detailed guidelines.
  • Email your document of the graphics file names and their captions to the appropriate editor or include the information when submitting your article text.

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