Andy Skinner

Andy is a Cartographic Designer who has been working with Esri in Redlands for 11 years, on projects such as the Urban Observatory, and Green Infrastructure, and most recently on the creation of some of Esri's vector basemaps. Prior to Esri, he was Manager of Cartographic Design at Rand McNally, and before that a Senior Cartographer at GeoSystems/MapQuest. He is originally from England, and worked for a number of years at what is now the University of Derby before moving to the USA. Andy can be contacted at:

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Towards a DARK Accessible Basemap

Building a dark basemap that is accessible and/or color blind-safe – in particular, a map that complies with WCAG standards.

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Red … Green … What?

Sometimes it seems we are obsessed with using red and green in our maps, but for some people this is a problem.

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Towards an Accessible Basemap

Building basemaps that are accessible and/or color blind-safe – in particular, maps that comply with WCAG standards.

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What was old …

The blending tools in Map Viewer Beta are offering many new opportunities for rendering maps … and resurrecting some old ones.

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With a few steps … Customizing complex vector basemaps

Customizing Esri vector tile maps is easy these days, but our more complex basemaps can be daunting. They are not out of reach however…

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Revisited, reworked and reinvigorated: Meet the National Geographic Style Basemap

The National Geographic Style basemap moves to vector tiles, with a new and more-detailed background

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Customizing Esri Vector Basemaps – The Basics: Sprites

Adding to or substituting sprite symbols and patterns in vector basemaps using the Vector Tile Style Editor.

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Working with Esri Vector Basemaps in ArcGIS Pro

Esri Vector Basemaps are available for use in ArcGIS Pro, and that opens up some new possibilities for you.

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Customizing Esri Vector Basemaps: The Basics revisited

This is an update of a blog and a sequence of story maps written in 2017 looking at the mechanics of customizing Esri's vector basemaps.

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