Bern Szukalski

Tech evangelist and product manager at Esri, focusing on ways to broaden access to geographic information and helping users succeed with the ArcGIS Platform. On a good day I'm making a map, on a great day I'm on one. Follow @bernszukalski or email

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Create a great home page for your organization

Your organization home page is the place visitors and organization members will start. How your home page looks will create first impress...

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What’s new in ArcGIS Online (June 2020)

The June 2020 release delivers many new capabilities and major enhancements. Read on to learn more about the release and related products.

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Pop-ups: adding charts

Charts turn numeric attributes into more meaningful information. Here's a tutorial on how to configure them in pop-ups.

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Use Living Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps

Subscriber content isn't publicly available, but here's how to use it in public maps and apps.

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Stick to the rules: How to properly find and use images in your stories

You'll want to include photos and image in your stories, here's how to avoid copyright infringement.

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Create a custom basemap gallery for your organization

One of the many things you can customize in your organization is your basemap gallery. Here's how.

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Use ArcGIS Living Atlas to create a custom basemap gallery

The Living Atlas of the World is a collection of curated content that you can use to create a custom basemap gallery. Here's how...

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Create your first dashboard using ArcGIS Dashboards

Learn how to configure a simple interactive dashboard using ArcGIS Dashboards.

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Be somebody (and show your best profile)

Your user profile is how the rest of the world learns about you. It's also a yardstick for measuring the value and veracity of your work.

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