Debashish Ghosh

I am a Product Engineer and Writer at Esri, focused primarily on the Business Analyst applications for web, mobile and desktop.

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The ArcGIS Business Analyst Resources List for 2022 Esri UC

A compilation blog post summarizing the resources complementing the Business Analyst presentations at the 2022 Esri User Conference

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Understanding score calculations in Suitability Analysis

With the help of a scenario, understand how Suitability Analysis scores are calculated in Business Analyst for the sites being analyzed.

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Customize Popular Variable lists in Business Analyst

Customize popular variable lists for the Color-Coded Maps, Smart Map Search and Suitability Analysis workflows.

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Using custom Infographic panels in Business Analyst

Learn how to create and share your own custom infographic panels in ArcGIS Business Analyst.

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Data selection and preparation

Take a look at a process for data search, selection and cleanup.

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No data no problem: Leverage Living Atlas, Spatial Joins, and Data Enrichment to create the layer that you need

Start with a Living Atlas Block Group layer and transform it so that it is suitable for your intended analysis.

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What’s New in Community Analyst (October 2019)

Highlights of the October 2019 release of Community Analyst.

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What’s New in Business Analyst (October 2019)

Highlights of the October 2019 release of the Business Analyst web and mobile apps

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Create Age Pyramid Charts in Business Analyst

Learn how to customize an age pyramid panel, and create a pyramid style chart from scratch in the Business Analyst web app.

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