Mike Minami

Senior Principal Product Engineer, ArcGIS Online

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A new way to add content to ArcGIS Online (June 2021)

A new, streamlined experience for adding content to ArcGIS Online.

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New home page fonts (June 2021)

Select from a variety of font themes to change the look of your home page.

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Create a great home page for your organization

Your organization home page is the place visitors and organization members will start. How your home page looks will create first impressions.

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Your home page, now in color! (April 2021)

Quickly transform your home page from black and white to color.

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Stack your tables here – Map Viewer Beta (October 2020)

There is a new tables pane for stand-alone tables.

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Your table is ready — Map Viewer Beta (July 2020)

Map Viewer Beta can now display a layer's attribute data in a table.

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Time for a new home page

Build a modern, visually pleasing home page for your organization with the new home page editor that's in the June 2020 update of ArcGIS Online.

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What’s new in sharing items (December, 2019)

An improved experience for sharing items in ArcGIS Online.

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Describing layer attributes with field descriptions (March 2019)

Understanding fields and their values just got easier.

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